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Quirky Christmas Merriment

I have been uber enthralled by the seemingly endless amounts of awesome, whimsical, and sometimes oddly weird holiday imagery that I keep stumbling upon on tumblr and  pinterest. It's seriously become almost addiction-level (though my busy, hustle-bustly days keep me from it for too long). There is just something about them that make my heart… Continue reading Quirky Christmas Merriment

Images, Musings and Mutterings

Holiday Whimsy ~ A Picture Post

The holiday's are in full swing, with joy and laughter and every good thing. Peaceful tidings ring about as carolers sing and merry wishes greet all with a gleam. I am delighted to share my part in this all, with the whimsical imagery that this entry will show... I hope this little bit of Holly… Continue reading Holiday Whimsy ~ A Picture Post

My Creations

December Stitchalong ~ A Very Merry Stitchalong

December is such a delightfully hustle-bustly month filled with what seems to be endless projects, rounds of shopping, silly times, decorating, laughter and goodness knows what else and when I saw that there was going to be a Stitch Along I about said, "doh!".  However, I made a promise to myself that I would do… Continue reading December Stitchalong ~ A Very Merry Stitchalong

Musings and Mutterings

The Life and Aventures of Santa Claus

It simply is not the Yuletide season for me without time to settle myself down with a cup of cocoa, something minty and chocolate and a copy of my all-time favorite holiday classic "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus". I have at least two copies of this delightful story that sprung forth from the… Continue reading The Life and Aventures of Santa Claus

Jocundity word nerd via lawhimsy
Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Jocundity

'Tis the season to be jolly', as the song so delightfully goes and what better word to go along with it than one that means being merry?! Jocundity comes from the word jocund, which means merry, joyful and lighthearted. The Yuletide season is one that can bring out the always bright-eyed inner child in us… Continue reading Word Nerd : Jocundity