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Word Nerd: Aureate

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyaureate definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyAureate means of a golden color or brilliance. Aureate has also extended to mean marked by grandiloquent and rhetorical style. Aureate derives from the Latin aurum (gold). 

While aureate does use Au (the chemical symbol for gold), much like auric (of, relating to, or derived from gold), aureate is used less scientifically and more in a literary fashion. Aureate has lost some of it’s golden lustre in modern use since over time it has come to mean grandiloquence, though I still think it is a highly brilliant word!

Reaching for a life made with aureate details image edited from photo by muillu via LaWhimsyWho doesn’t long for a life made gold/ aureated with a sheen so bold? / A life made up of gilded edges/ bringing out the shine each moment alleges. / Don’t simply yearn/ Don’t merely dream/ open your soul and find that brilliant gleam… ~ Ella

Tis a season of aureated delights and so I found it to be a rather fitting word to share. I also think that aureate is an all-season word, one that can remind us of our own golden gleam and the way that we can bring that golden touch wherever we wish. Aureate is also a delight to use when describing overly flowery, bombastic language, which is sometimes the very best kind ’cause who doesn’t enjoy the occasional over-the-top verbiage? I do, how about you?

Namaste ~ Ella

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