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Word Nerd: Nunchi

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsynunchi definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyNunchi is a Korean concept signifying the subtle art and ability to listen and gauge others’ moods. Nunchi first appeared 17th century as nunch’ŭi (“eye force/power”). Nunchi is literally translated into English as eye-measure, though it’s closest in meaning to emotional intelligence.

Nunchi is a vital component to interpersonal relationships and to general happiness since it is the ability to gauge and take note of other’s moods. Nunchi (sometimes seen as noonchi) is a soft skill and one that can be honed, practiced, and learned as one goes through life. Nunchi is a skill of observation and of an open, kind mind.

nunchi in practice crop from original image by kinga cichewicz from unsplash via LaWhimsySometimes nunchi can be practiced by simply being there for someone who needs you. The whole point of nunchi is feeling out and sensing the mood of another and then providing what seems needed most.

Nunchi is such an important life skill for everyone to practice. By being able and willing to take the time to gauge how another is feeling, you are able to be kind and lift up your fellow humans. It’s a way to not only be open to others, but to pull your focus from yourself now and again. Nunchi is a super power and a gift that is available to every single person if only they’d choose to practice it! How will you practice nunchi today?

Namaste ~ Ella

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