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Word Nerd: Treacle

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treacle-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyTreacle is a delightful word, overly sweet and cloying. Treacle treats, all syrupy golden, make taste buds dance with joy. When things are treacly they are showing an excessive sentimentality, and just like the syrup that uses treacle as it’s name, it’s a sticky, gooey, tooth-achy mess!

treacle-golden-syrup-via-lawhimsyTreacle is also a word that could easily describe many of the sentiments of the holidays. Between the sugary, toothsome treats and the darling, almost saccharine images, songs, T.V. specials and whatnot, the treacle is palpable in the air. Certainly, things can get too treacly, but I find a bit of heavy-handed jollity to be completely awesome, at least in happy bursts!

treacly kawaii christmas bear cutie via lawhimsyI mean, I think you’d have to have quite the scrooge heart to not smile at least at little at this bit of holiday treacle!

Namaste ~ Ella

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