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Word Nerd: Euphoric

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euphoric word nerd via lawhimsyEuphoric is a word I really adore using. Certainly, euphoria is a wonderful sensation and as a descriptive, euphoric is quite desirable, since I can really only think of highly positive ways to experience it.  To be in a euphoric trance or state of mind, one must be fully in and of the moment they are feeling. It’s such an awesome and sublime feeling, to be transported into a euphoric mindset and it’s a mindset I feel more people could readily experience if they opened themselves up to it.

euphoria is a state of mind via lawhimsyA euphoric experience can be as simple as feeling the sun on your face on a bright, brisk autumn day. It can be a spiritual moment of reflection, a touch of the everyday divine, a huge, life-altering event or even a hug. It all depends on You! How will you experience euphoria today?

Namaste ~ Ella

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