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Word Nerd: Vitreous

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Vitreous word nerd via lawhimsyVitreous – even the word has a sort of glass like luster to it. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems to have a certain glossy shine to it when it’s written or spoken aloud. Vitreous is a word I’ve come across in several places, most notably in geology when it’s referring to rocks and minerals that have a vitreous property to them (quartz, tourmaline, and obsidian a examples of vitreous stones.). As you well know I tend to wax poetic about anything and everything and vitreous flows so delightfully along with that sort of mindset…

vitreous glassy butterfly wings via lawhimsyDelicate, vitreous wings shine as though nature created stain-glass in miniature. Steady, fluttery, gentle yet strong, the butterfly dances as it moves along. A moment in time, a memory forged, an everyday miracle taking it’s course. ~ Ella

What do you think of the word vitreous?

Namaste ~ Ella

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