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Monday Mantra 26

My own world Monday Mantra by LaWhimsyFitting in is so beyond overrated. Sure, there are times when it seems to be the best thing, or the ultimate goal, but really, when it comes down to it, do you really want to fit in and be just like everyone else? I’ve never felt the need to go with the crowd, or to fit in. I was bullied for it, treated cruelly for it, laughed at, even ignored, and yet I never felt the need to change who I was or how I thought to make it stop and fit in. It was difficult and there were days when I would get home from school and simply cry. I could never wrap my mind around the idea that others were being mean to me simply because I was being me. I was nice and friendly but I refused to just go along with the crowd. I always did right by me and what my gut said and this, apparently, was enough to label me as “weird”, “odd”, and “different”. The thing is, I never felt bad about myself – I felt lonely, sad, uncomfortable, but never shaken in my own self-worth and to this day I still stand strong (and perhaps stronger for having gone through all of that) in and of myself. I’m not here to fit into any one else’s world, I’m here to create my own and everyone is welcome and encouraged to do the same! Don’t feel bad or wrong or weird for not fitting it, feel your own inner strength and know that who you are and what you are is amazing and you can create the world and life you want – no matter what others may try to tell you. You are worth it!

Namaste ~ Ella

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