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Word Nerd: Jovial

Jovial is such a merry, playful word and one that I use quite often. To be in a jovial state of mind is the best and simply saying or writing it is quite cheerful! As a matter of fact, if you're enjoying a farcical entertainment, odds are fairly good that you're in a jovial mood.… Continue reading Word Nerd: Jovial

Scene from the new farcical comedy Go-Bang from March 17 1894 The Graphic via LaWhimsy
Word Nerd

Word Nerd: Farcical

Farcical is one of those oh, so wonderful descriptive words that sounds almost as ludicrous as it's meaning implies. To be farcical one needs only to act ridiculous, and not necessarily overly so. Serious situations that become preposterous and nonsensically absurd are farcical to a tee. The current Trump "political" situation is scarily farcical since… Continue reading Word Nerd: Farcical