tabula rasa in a new year, a fresh notebook via LaWhimsy
Word Nerd

Word Nerd: Tabula Rasa

Word Nerd is an on-going feature that shares and highlights unique, whimsical and sometimes forgotten or overlooked words. It’s dedicated to the logophile in us all. Tabula Rasa is a Latin phrase that most commonly translates to blank slate in English. It derives from the use of the Roman tabula - a wax slab that… Continue reading Word Nerd: Tabula Rasa

Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Nascent

A new day dawns bright with nascent possibilities... This week's Word Nerd was a bit providential since I was asked to spell nascent first thing after waking up this morning. I figured I might as well take it as fate and use it since it is one of those delightful words that sounds lovely and… Continue reading Word Nerd : Nascent