Musings and Mutterings

Earth Day 2015

Earth day truly is every single day, since without the Earth we would be nothing, nonexistent. The Earth is our Mother, our friend, and one of the most precious gifts we could ever be custodian of. Care for it, love it, cherish and delight in it, and do your very best to leave it in… Continue reading Earth Day 2015

Musings and Mutterings

St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover

Sweet Colleen, now of the green, a crown of flowers on her brow, dances and plays away in the circle Faerie made. She walked the moors, sang her songs, spoke the language of forgotten tongues. They welcomed her with open arms, delighting in her silken charms. She belonged to them alone, a queen, a very… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover

Musings and Mutterings

The Perfect Recipe for a Bath

Degas: After the bath Autumn weather, being all crisp, cool, always puts me into a long, hot bath kinda mood. A bath is such a lovely, everyday sort of self ritual that can help you to recenter, release tension, and reconnect to what is important. A bath heals, soothes, and indulges. I spent the better… Continue reading The Perfect Recipe for a Bath

Autumnal Balance by LaWhimsy
Musings and Mutterings, Polyvore

Autumn Equinox

Autumn Balance set by LaWhimsy on Polyvore Today marks the very first full day of Autumn and it's part of the Autumnal Equinox (as I mentioned in my Monday Mantra). This particular equinox is one that is about balance (day and night are equal, before they begin to grow shorter) and this is a fantastic… Continue reading Autumn Equinox


Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading

Temporary Anemone Tattoo by oanabefort on Etsy So fades summer once more, memories turn with the earth yet etched upon my skin the season lingers like a perfect scent for all time. Through the fiery browning of Autumn, into the sharpness of Winter and the damp blooming of Spring, Summer shall remain a gentle kiss… Continue reading Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading


Poetic Musings

I sometimes sit and ponder, what all this means to me -The world, my home, my hopes and joys all pale in sight of thee. What has come upon me, so sudden and yet foretold, what shall become of me, when the feeling does grow old? Melancholy, maybe, but in still my soul, a kind… Continue reading Poetic Musings