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Affirmation Mondays 353 ~ There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy…

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. life wisdom quote Affrimation Mondays 353 via LaWhimsy“There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.” ~ Life

Life is a matter of perspective…

“There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.”

It’s simply one of those Universal truths ~ There are, and always will be, just as many reasons to be happy as there are to be unhappy.

What makes the difference in life – Your Life – is which mindset you actively choose to have, which reasons you choose to focus on and give your energies, your time, to.

Life is not necessarily easy. It’s not always sunshine and magic, rainbows and delights. Sometimes it’s darkness, heaviness, upset, rage, and vitriol. However, even in the bleakest of moments there is almost always something that can bring you happiness. Something that can remind you that even when the sky is overcast, the clear blue sky and sunshine are still there and will be out in full force again.

Nothing is forever – but you are the one continued constant in your life. By choosing to focus on the variety of beautiful reasons to happy you are choosing to focus on being kind, compassionate, and gentle with yourself. You are choosing to cultivate you in the ways you need, in the ways that nourish you inside and out.

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder, and you, my friend, are the beholder of your own happiness. Cultivate it daily, hourly, and see what shifts in your being.

Namaste ~ Ella

~ This was originally published as Affirmation Mondays 6 and it has been updated for current use.

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