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Word Nerd: Rudeneja

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyrudeneja definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyRudeneja (pronounced ROO-den-Ay-HA) describes the way nature and/or the weather begins to feel like Autumn. Rudeneja is a Lithuanian word and that about sums up what I know technically about the word Rudeneja. Emotionally, well that’s another story…

Rudeneja feuillemortsusurrusis a word that sums up the touch of chill upon frosty morning air in early October. Rudeneja describes or the changing colors of the dying leaves as they begin their last great dance before mouldering away. Rudeneja is the sound of through crispy, crackling branches and leaves. Rudeneja is bright apple cheeks, cozy sweaters, warm fires, and bountiful harvests being stockpiled for the Winter yet to come. Rudeneja is taking notice of Autumn weather as it begins to overcome the remains of Summer. 

rudeneja weather it is starting to feel like Fall weather via LaWhimsyRudeneja is weather for the soul to glow golden with… ~ Ella

I about bounced out of my skin with utter joy when I discovered rudeneja – I mean a word to describe the change of Summer weather into Autumn, what is there not to adore!?! I have been searching my entire life for the word rudeneja and now that I’ve found it it will be a life-long love affair! Rudeneja is especially fitting right now since I am desperately seeking out the slight hints of Autumn that have been appearing at the edges of the weather so far. Summer simply does not want to let go, and yet it will eventually. The rudeneja is already evident and gaining day by day! What do you think about rudeneja?

Namaste ~ Ella

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