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Word Nerd: Riant

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyriant definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyRiant means mirthful, smiling, cheerful. Riant can also be defined as having a pleasant aspect, agreeable to the sight, looking bright or cheerful, etc. Riant derives from the Middle French term rire (to laugh) which derives from the Latin rīdēre (to laugh).

Riant is such a bright way to describe a person’s buoyant, jocund, effervescent disposition or light-hearted, vivacious actions or even their roseate outlook and positivity. Being riant might typically be shown in overt, obvious ways, but sublet ways do exist. I mean I have a naturally overt riant disposition and my entire being tends to radiate it, from my smile to my literal bouncing. Others, however, are riant but in a more discreet way that shows it’s self more through the soft, bright way their energy feels or the uplifting actions they take. Either way, those who are riant do tend to smile in a way that lights up their entire being with a unique kind of radiance.

riant beauty knows no boundaries via LaWhimsyRiant beauty knows no boundaries, knows no limits. It only knows wonder, awe, and it holds a power whose strength is equal only in love… ~ Ella

I am in absolute love with the word riant and it is officially in my daily use words list! What do you think of the word riant and would you consider yourself to have a riant personality? If not, would you want to cultivate one?

Namaste ~ Ella

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