Musings and Mutterings

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day Agate World via LaWhimsyEarth day truly is every single day, since without the Earth we would be nothing, nonexistent. The Earth is our Mother, our friend, and one of the most precious gifts we could ever be custodian of. Care for it, love it, cherish and delight in it, and do your very best to leave it in a better condition then you found it in so that others will have the same chance to discover and share and care for it. Please check out my previous Earth Day posts, Earth day , Earth Day My Way , and Earth Day:Today and Every Day. Earth day is every day, so celebrate it in your own way!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Word Nerd will return next week, but for a bit of wordy Earth day fun please check out these past Word Nerds ~ Floromancy , Hanami , Komorebi , Petrichor , Pluviophile , Mycology , Sylvan , and Uitwaaien. These are but a few of my nature Word Nerds, but I think they suit Earth Day rather nicely!

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