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Earth Day

LaWhimsy Earth Day 2013

It’s Earth Day again, and I am delighted to celebrate a day that brings about awareness of this precious Earth we call home. Everyday should really be considered Earth Day since we do live upon and utilize the precious resources the Earth provides each and every day, but having a special day to focus on is always a great thing. Like I spoke about last year (see this post), I do my best to lead a proactive, Earth friendly life, even if it can become a bit overwhelming at times. I just do my best to take a deep breath and tackle all those simple, little things that can so easily become second nature. It’s all about kaizen and being an everyday sort of example of green, positive, always changing and growing living. After the events of this past week, my nerves have been shaken and I feel a need for balance and a healthy connection to the Earth more than ever. I keep focusing on all the good that has come out of each of the tragedies and how human-kind really does show it’s awesomeness in such dark times. That’s what makes it all worth it and that’s what makes me want to do all that I can to leave a better World for tomorrow.  Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Enjoy don't Destroy

Namaste ~ Ella

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