Intellectual Badass

Intellectual BadAss

I made a new version of my (to me) rather charming "Nerd? We prefer the term Intellectual Badass, thank you." graphic. This one is going to take a delightful place of honor on the side of my blog, reminding everyone who visits that you, too, are Intellectual Badasses and you should take pride in your… Continue reading Intellectual BadAss

Musings and Mutterings

Earth Day 2015

Earth day truly is every single day, since without the Earth we would be nothing, nonexistent. The Earth is our Mother, our friend, and one of the most precious gifts we could ever be custodian of. Care for it, love it, cherish and delight in it, and do your very best to leave it in… Continue reading Earth Day 2015


Do and Live What You Love

Just a thought for today ~ Are you living the life you want and love, at least in some aspects of it? Personally speaking, my current circumstances may not be my exact ideal, but life has a way of never being exactly what you want, or think you want, it to be. To live the… Continue reading Do and Live What You Love