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Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsy


Retro MaillotThe term maillot has been bandied about in fashion circles for many a moon now and, since swim-suit season is upon us once more, has been popping up quite a lot as of late. I really like how classy maillot sounds compared to saying one-piece swim-suit. There’s just something so chic about having a wardrobe that consists of things like lingerie, negligees, and maillots – don’t you think?

vintage maillot collage LawhimsyPersonally, I’m more of a bikini gal myself (I just think my shorter torso works really well in one) however, there are several darling maillots that I wouldn’t mind cavorting around in this Summer!

Maillot InspirationMaillot Inspiration by lawhimsy at Polyvore

Namaste ~ Ella

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