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Word Nerd : Relucent

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Relucent Waters  art collage via lawhimsy word nerdHow many times do you run across themes, sayings and advice that say, in so many words, to never dull or lose your sparkle? For me it has been a life-long occurrence and one that I absolutely adore, so discovering another word for it in relucent is terrific!

Relucent Living via lawhimsyTo be relucent in personality and in my way of living is a daily, hourly goal. While I may not be the loudest person (stop laughing, it can be true) or the most boastful, I like to think that a certain amount of relucent charm can be detected about me. How lovely is that word too?!  Relucent. It simply drips with a certain grace and Gatsby-ish delight. It has a sweet quaintness to it that shine can sometimes lack (being so easily pedestrian in it’s casual usage – not that I’m a word snob by any means, I’m just saying).

relucent self via lawhimsyMy horoscope as of late has been telling me to show my relucent personality and to not be afraid of doing so. I suppose, being a Pisces, I do tend to the shy-side and to being a bit of a wall-flower, but I am trying to be a bit more forward and I am bound and determined to let my light shine bright and to tap into my relucent powers! I hope that after learning the word relucent, maybe you’ll feel like doing the same!

Namaste ~ Ella

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