yellow shoes photgraphy by lawhimsy
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Yellow Shoes

Honestly, you'd think from all my random shoe photos that I have a shoe and or foot fetish of sorts and I really don't. If anyone would've told me, just a year or so back,that I would have as many shoe pics as I do, I would've laughed at them. Don't get me wrong, shoes… Continue reading Yellow Shoes

Retro Maillot
Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Maillot

The term maillot has been bandied about in fashion circles for many a moon now and, since swim-suit season is upon us once more, has been popping up quite a lot as of late. I really like how classy maillot sounds compared to saying one-piece swim-suit. There's just something so chic about having a wardrobe that… Continue reading Word Nerd : Maillot