yellow shoes photgraphy by lawhimsy
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Yellow Shoes

yellow shoes art photo by lawhimsyHonestly, you’d think from all my random shoe photos that I have a shoe and or foot fetish of sorts and I really don’t. If anyone would’ve told me, just a year or so back,that I would have as many shoe pics as I do, I would’ve laughed at them. Don’t get me wrong, shoes are a delight and a great pair of shoes can really make an outfit, it’s just that shoes and I haven’t always gotten along…in fact we still don’t exactly, I’m just paying them a bit more mind. That said, what do you think of my latest pair?

YellowShoescollage via lawhimsyCute, right? I love the mustard yellow color and the shape is fun, yet classic. The snap on the right one doesn’t like to stay closed due to abnormally high arch, but that’s a minor tiff that can be remedied, I think.  I have so many outfit ideas in mind for this coming Autumn (yes, my mind is already going there, despite July not even being over yet, tee-hee). I also had a bit too much fun editing a couple of the photos I snapped. I’m just digging the dreamy-quality they give off (or maybe that’s my pale, ghost-like skin tone…).

yellow shoes photgraphy by lawhimsyYes, this entire post was about my yellow shoes…It’s a Monday, in the Summer, it just seems right, tee-hee!

Namaste ~ Ella

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