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Word Nerd : Coquette

Coquette is something of a unique word since negatively it can mean an insincere flirt or tease, however, positively it can mean an elegant and stylish person and can suggest an attractive or seductive person. To have or exhibit a coquettish personality can be a wonderful trait, if used in a favorable way. I think… Continue reading Word Nerd : Coquette

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Word Nerd : Piquant

Piquant is one of those tantalizing descriptive words that any charming quaintrelle would delight in utilizing in their vocabularies, at least that's what I think. I enjoy having piquant conversations with engaging people who posses a certain piquant personality - don't you? Marie Doro was “a young actress of piquant beauty, marked personality and rare… Continue reading Word Nerd : Piquant