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Word Nerd : Piquant

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Piquant Word Nerd via LaWhimsy MadameXPiquant is one of those tantalizing descriptive words that any charming quaintrelle would delight in utilizing in their vocabularies, at least that’s what I think. I enjoy having piquant conversations with engaging people who posses a certain piquant personality – don’t you?

marie doro a piquant beauty via lawhimsyMarie Doro was “a young actress of piquant beauty, marked personality and rare expressiveness of countenance.” -William Winter

While I’m not quite sure that I have a piquant personality, per say, I do feel that I am as capable as anyone else to have moments of perfectly piquant charm. I can’t help but wonder if being at least a little bit piquant isn’t part of that amazing, magnetizing allure some people exude. My beloved Anne Boleyn was certainly piquant, indeed, She practically made the word Her own!

Piquant Anne Boleyn portrait attributed to John HoskinsPerhaps as we tap into our inner quaintrelle and spirituelle we can cultivate a touch of our own piquant spirit!

Namaste ~ Ella

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