Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 34

It's beginning to feel a lot like curmudgeons are taking over the world. Alright, so that's a highly dramatic way of putting it, but really, what is it about this time of year in particular that seems to bring out so many cynics and grinches with their negative vibes? I can totally understand that life… Continue reading Monday Mantra 34

Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 33

Creativity. Design. Art. Craft. All of these wonderful terms describe the making of something, anything, and each one has the ability to cause a bit of self-doubt...that is, it does if we don't believe in ourselves, in our abilities, and our talents. Each and every one of us has the greatest potential to create beautiful,… Continue reading Monday Mantra 33

Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 32

"So fill your heart with what's important and be done with all the rest" I so absolutely adore and agree with this motto - so much so that it's become a daily mantra of mine. By living in such a way that I fill my heart with only what's important I find that I almost… Continue reading Monday Mantra 32

Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 31

Happiness - it's the ultimate goal, a hoped for mindset, a desirable way of living, an enviable state of being and yet itΒ  remains elusive. Or does it? Could it be that happiness is, and always has been, right there and that all of this time spent attempting to achieve it has actually prevented us… Continue reading Monday Mantra 31

Musings and Mutterings

Live Your Life

Do you ever have those days, those times, when you questions everything about yourself, your life, just everything? I think everyone does from time to time and when those questions begin to arise in your mind, it can be the start of quite the downward spiral that usually ends with a sort of "Oh My… Continue reading Live Your Life