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Monday Mantra 32

Fill your heart Monday Mantra via LaWhimsy

“So fill your heart with what’s important and be done with all the rest” I so absolutely adore and agree with this motto – so much so that it’s become a daily mantra of mine. By living in such a way that I fill my heart with only what’s important I find that I almost ache with the goodness, joy, and wonder that this life has to offer and that surrounds me constantly. All the rest simply doesn’t seem to matter as much. Oh, it’s still very much there – life will always have it’s trials and tribulations, it’s heartbreaks and headaches, however, when my heart is full of what really matters, it acts as a balm to heal the pains, and as a guardian against further damage. I want to live a life fulfilled and this is one marvelous way to start doing so!

 Namaste ~ Ella

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