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Monday Mantra 31

Edith Wharton Quote Monday Mantra via LaWhimsy

Happiness – it’s the ultimate goal, a hoped for mindset, a desirable way of living, an enviable state of being and yet it  remains elusive. Or does it? Could it be that happiness is, and always has been, right there and that all of this time spent attempting to achieve it has actually prevented us from experiencing it? Like so much of life, we can twist and over-complicate and over-think happiness and totally forget that happiness is simply a state of being fully present and enjoying what we already have. So today, maybe heed the wise words of Edith Wharton and stop trying to to be happy and just have a pretty good time with things exactly the way they are (though perhaps with a bit more mindfulness on your part!)!

 Namaste ~ Ella

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