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Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Do you ever have those days, those times, when you questions everything about yourself, your life, just everything? I think everyone does from time to time and when those questions begin to arise in your mind, it can be the start of quite the downward spiral that usually ends with a sort of “Oh My God, my life is going nowhere, I’m a mess, I’ll never amount to anything and why is everyone else so cute/stylish/smart/creative/loved/accomplished/etc.?!?!?!? I’m all alone with a computer screen, my cat and some chocolate, sitting in my baggy jeans and getting nothing done…wah!”

My Life is going nowhere*Ahem*

What, it’s not like I’m describing overly melodramatic me or anything…er, yeah…anyway…I truly believe that there is a certain sort of comforting resilience that can be found when one’s mood starts to go all “that way”. It’s in the getting up, dressing up, showing up and never, ever giving up. Now, I know that sounds easy or even odd, but bear with me a moment. Just like when it comes to getting back at your “enemies” by killing them with kindness, or by getting revenge by living a well-lived life, doing the same toward yourself when you’re getting down silences that inner, nasty, melodramatic voice. It also provides a certain sort of ‘tough self love” that makes finding the silver lining easier.

Hold Me by May Ann Licudine

So the next time that demon cycle of self-deprecation or self-comparison or even bad-day blues starts in, pause for a moment and think to your self – Get up and away from the situation, person, site, etc. Dress up by doing something nice for yourself, whether it be putting on a favorite outfit, playing with makeup or your hair, donning a favorite pair of shoes – it’s like putting on a bit of armor against the baddies. Show up to your life, your day by being aware of all the goodness and whimsy around you and most importantly, Never, Ever Give up on yourself, your place or what you are doing with this precious life you’ve been given. You are YOU for a reason – embrace it, love it and cherish it!

Shine on, You Crazy Diamond!

Now, go and Shine on, You Crazy Diamond!

Namaste ~ Ella