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Word Nerd: Ante Mortem

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyAnte Mortem definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyAnte Mortem means before death. Ante Mortem (sometimes antemortem) is derived from the Latin ante (before) and mortem mors (death).

Ante Mortem is not necessarily morbid, it’s more of a reminder of the time before death when life is still present and aware. Autumn is truly a season of ante mortem since it is the time that falls before the Earth goes into the stillness and quiet of Winter. It’s a naturally occurring seasonal death and Fall is it’s perfect ante mortem – a celebratory send off into slumber before it bursts to life again in the Spring.

Autumn is the season of Ante mortem or pre-death digital art collage by Ella of LaWhimsyAn ante mortem season wrapped up in red and golden tones/ a season filled with spirits and the souls that choose to roam/ a celebration of life and of hope to bar the cold/ A season overripe with splendors that provide a joyous tone… That’s Autumn.  ~ Ella

While there can be a rather negative and heavy aspect to ante mortem, I feel like it really should be more of a celebration. A reminder of a life that has been lived, a soul that will continue on just in a different way beyond this fragile mortal shell. To be able to celebrate Nature’s ante mortem season in Autumn each year is such a beautiful gift and one that is needed more than ever this year. Life, after all, begins anew in the Autumn for death is only a beginning…

Namaste ~ Ella

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