croquis back sketch by Ella Patrice via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Croquis

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsycroquis-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyA croquis is a quick sketch, usually of a live model or of the human form. Since croquis is a French term for a basic figure template, it’s a very familiar word in the fashion design industry. Croquis is actually new word to me, though not a new concept since I’ve been familiar with quick sketching since before I can remember. I rather like the word croquis though, and I’m fully intending to put it to full use, especially since I’m currently trying my hand at fashion illustration and a good croquis is the key to a great finished piece!

croquis back sketch by Ella Patrice via LaWhimsyWhile not a fashion croquis, this is a quick life model croquis I sketched just for this post. Croquis make for excellent sketchbook warm-ups and observational practice.

How familiar are you with croquis and have you ever tried your hand at one or several? I’d love to know!

Namaste ~ Ella

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