Total absence of humor renders life impossible Colette quote Monday Mantra 117 via LaWhimsy
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Monday Mantra 117 – Total absence of humor renders life impossible

Total absence of humor renders life impossible Colette quote Monday Mantra 117 via LaWhimsy“Total absence of humor renders life impossible.”~ Colette

Humor is as necessary to life as water and oxygen, though there may be those who try to argue this point, it is a fairly solid truth. For what is life without the bizarre, the hilarious, the silly, the laughter? Humor has long been a means of mental survival, a way of making life tolerable in even the darkest of moments (gallows humor is a prime example). Laughter and the ability to seek out a moment of lightness amidst the darkness has kept humans moving forward and not giving up. Children are innately wise in this way, laughter falling from their lips as often as as words, if not more so. So many adults forget to laugh, forget it’s soothing, mischievous, and delightful power. Laughter is not inherently cruel or mean, it’s light and happy, and if happiness is so often the goal, why isn’t humor and laughter employed more often in everyday life? Laugh at yourself (kindly and with love), laugh with others, laugh because something struck you as silly, laugh because you can and laugh because you are alive. Laughter is your way to share and spread the joy that is yours and because life is truly and spectacularly amusing and humorous. Without humor and laughter life is truly rendered impossible!

Namaste ~ Ella

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