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Word Nerd: Warble

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Warble Word Nerd via LaWhimsyWarble is such a fantastic word and it’s almost onomatopoeic in it’s manner. Warble can be utilized in so many incredible ways and as a descriptive warble’s varied use is practically indispensable!  To read or write descriptively like “She warbled on in such a simpering manner, that to retain a pleasant countenance was almost insufferable.” or “The warbling bird song piqued my interest as it soothed and calmed my over-heated temper, and so I drew closer to it, seeking out darling creature that could work such magic.” make the word all the more charming in it’s usage.

Warbling detail from The Singing Lesson by Arturo RicciIs she warbling, perhaps? Detail from The Singing Lesson by Arturo Ricci

I use warble (and it’s various incarnations of warbled and warbling) quite often, I suppose due to my love of overly descriptive prose and poetry, tee-hee! What do you think of the word warble and how do you use it or want to use it?

Namaste ~ Ella

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~ The Word Nerd Image is The Singing Lesson by Elmer Bischoff (and I’ve no doubt the subject’s warbling was of the beautiful sort).