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It’s A Word Nerdiversary Year 2

word nerdiversary year 2 via lawhimsyI can’t believe that two years ago on October 8th I posted my very first Word Nerd (petrichor)! It’s been quite the logophile equivalent of a wild ride, let me tell you. There are just so many words, and so many that I use so regularly that I can forget how amazing they are and take them for granted. (Ennui and Gratitude I’m looking at you). On last year’s anniversary I reminisced about a few of my favorite words from the first year (Yugen, Noetic, Inamorata, Quaintrelle, Pizzazz, and Bibelot.)

Word Nerd FavoritesFrom left clockwise – Yugen, Noetic, InamorataBibelot. Pizzazz,  and Quaintrelle,

This past year was filled with even more gems and I created a better way to present the words and share them on Pinterest on my Word Nerd board. A very limited list of my favorites from this year would have to include Zoetic, Uitwaaien, Supercilious, Quiescence, Felicity, and Bellitude. Seriously, limiting it like that is practically akin to choosing a favorite pet or child or book…the horror (and melodrama, tee-hee)! What have been some of your favorites?

Word Nerd Year 2 collage via LaWhimsyFrom left clockwise – Zoetic, Uitwaaien, Supercilious, Quiescence, Felicity, and Bellitude.

Thank You to everyone who’s been following my Word Nerd adventures ~ You guys have been amazing and I feel quite lucky to have met so many fellow Intellectual Badasses! Here’s to another great year!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Check out the Word Nerd Index and my Word Nerd Pinterest Board for other superb words!

** If there’s a word you’d like to see added to the Word Nerd roster, please feel free to drop me a line or suggest it in the comments – I love feedback and recommendations!