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The Perfect Recipe for a Bath

Degas: After the bath 2Degas: After the bath

Autumn weather, being all crisp, cool, always puts me into a long, hot bath kinda mood. A bath is such a lovely, everyday sort of self ritual that can help you to recenter, release tension, and reconnect to what is important. A bath heals, soothes, and indulges. I spent the better part of my teen years taking a bath almost everyday since it was a rough, dark time and with a bath I could escape life, even if only for an hour. Even now, when things get rough, or difficult, or overwhelming, my first instinct is to seek out a time to take a bath. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces and I relate to the Water Element so much but I find that it’s my refuge and my sanctuary. The place where I can just be.

I love nothing more than to be able to completely indulge myself with a lush, bubbly, mineral laced bath. It’s good for the mind, body and soul! My favorite sort of bath is one that eases aches, sinus problems and soothes anxiety. Here’s my favorite recipe for just such a bath…

  • Gather up soft towels, a robe that makes you feel divine, some relaxing music, something to drink (water and tea are the best), and a few candles.
  • Have Epsom salt, Himalayan salt (I order mine on-line, but you can find it at most grocery stores), bubble bath (I like Village Naturals Therapy), and some essential oils of your choosing (bergamot, rose geranium, chamomile, jasmine, clary sage, and lavender are all wonderful for anti-anxiety purposes). Make sure you also have some oil or lotion to apply after you get out on hand.
  • Set the stage for relaxation by dimming the lights, shedding your cloths and slipping on your robe, and maybe even stretch a bit (nothing major – just reach for the sky for a moment or two, then bend forward and reach for the ground. Then roll your shoulders gently, and release all that stiff body tension.)
  • Add your ingredients to your bath as you run it and take the time to just breath.
  • As you sink into your bath, let go of all of your thoughts, stresses, anxieties, everything. For this moment it’s just you and the welcoming, soothing water.
  • Just relax, breath, and bliss out.
  • When you feel ready to leave your pool of water, gently ease yourself out and smooth on your oil or lotion. Pay attention to your body and massage the lotion in with love and appreciation.
  • Slip your robe back on and then go and curl up on your bed or couch and let yourself rest and totally enjoy the moment.

autumn bath gif via whimsical-beautyOkay, so this isn’t exactly the same, but still…

Namaste ~ Ella

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