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Word Nerd: Billet-doux

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billet-doux word nerd via lawhimsyBillet-doux (pronounced bilāˈdo͞o) is a French term that does literally mean a sweet (doux) note (billet). Letters, especially handwritten ones are such a treasure and a billet-doux is especially touching since it usually holds a certain amount of vulnerability and ardor in it’s contents. In this day and age of technology and limited character text-speak, a billet-doux may seem almost saccharine and yet I can assure most anyone that it would most likely become one of the receiver’s most treasured possessions. Ah, the power of the written word!

billet-doux memories via lawhimsyPerhaps it’s time we bring the billet-doux back in style!

Namaste ~ Ella

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