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Word Nerd : Madrugada

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Madrugada Word Nerd via LaWhimsyMadrugada is a Portuguese word that translated into English means dawn or daybreak. I prefer the non-translated version since it sounds so much more magical – as magical as that precious time when the very first light of day creeps over the edge of the horizon and the night sky starts to fall away.
Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish (1922) MadrugadaThe madrugada time of day is so fresh and new and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to be awake at the first flush of dawn, you can hear the birds begin their song, see the dew form along the greenery, watch the stars fade into the pinks, purples and blues of the sky and see the World as it awakes.

madrugada dancing gif via lawhimsyThe Madrugada Dance

A new day breaks upon the land, the madrugada dance shall now begin.
First a pale hint of light that quickly spins into flight –
Lavenders and muted blues that melt away the night’s dark hues.
Then a sudden burst so bright, the stars flee from it’s very sight.
Dewdrops form, the birds sing out and the welkin glows throughout.
Oh, you magic flush of day, you madrugada dance of hope sustained.
~ Ella Patrice
Madrugada ~ What a poetic and wonderful word that means the start of a new day!


Namaste ~ Ella


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4 thoughts on “Word Nerd : Madrugada”

  1. Really pretty site here and I love that painting by Maxfield Parrish. I have a really unique story here and it is about Maxfield Parrish. I lived near the Parrish estate and would go over there to hang out and film. Talk about whimsy, that estate was so beautiful, precious and amazing. The art studio was sheer beauty and all those masterpieces surrounded you, that was real whimsy. It was really awful when they tore the art studio apart for a condo and I sadly filmed the demise. Those columns in Daybreak were torn down, glad I filmed them before that happened. This is important info for the art world and art historians and all who love the art work of Maxfield Parrish. I wrote a story about it and I hope someone will discover it. I hope everyone will discover the model in those Parrish paintings, her name was Sue Lewin and she has a story here too.
    Keep the Parrish going! George Lucas said that it was the art work of Maxfield Parrish that directly inspired the look and feel of Star Wars films. How whimsy is that, I ask ? Please view our site, is a neat site we created. Thank you for listening, Robin Lee, Maine

    1. Thank you so much for reading Robin and for sharing your amazing story and website (I’ve bookmarked it for further reading – it’s really incredible!)!!!

  2. Hey lawhimsy, Robin Lee here. Thank you so much, it is incredible -this will get discovered, it is a lost chapter in art history, some one- hopefully a major film producer will see this and this story will come out. Keep it going on Maxfield Parrish and Sue Lewin, they are important.- you have a great site here, The force is here, you got it. Robin ||

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