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Word Nerd : Muirnigh

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled Word Nerd:

Hello everybody! This would be Glory Anne “speaking to you.Taking over your Word Nerd Wednesday! Why? Well because I commandeered command of this blog from Ella so as to start her Birthday weekend a wee bit early!

Besides St. Patty’s day being Ella’s b-day I thought it a nice thing (being her best friend and all) to give her a Word Nerd dedicated to her (My intellectual baddass you!)

So here we go Word Nerd Wednesday Gloryfic edition!

By Sarah Jane

illustration by Sarah Jane

muirnigh-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyIn a sentence to refer to someone specific: eg: “Are you alright my cherished one?” would be “Are you all right my Muirnigh?” (Hey look at me logophiling it up! A whoop-woo!) I chose this word as to best describe how I feel about my daor amháin (dear one) and our friendship.

Image by Soo Kim

Now we have had our rocky roads, our ups and downs, we have walked the fire pits of Mount doom and came out the other side better for it. There is nothing in the world especially now that I care for, I cherish more the my Muirnigh

By Lana Moes

Art By Lana Moes

I look forward to this time of year; not for Spring fever, cooler weather with the under-breath of warmth, no, but for the day when I can spoil my muirnigh with gifts, love and plenty of laughter and memories! Knowing her she is blushing right about now, but it is true I cherish our friendship good times and bad, because when the going gets rough there is no one else I’d rather have at my side in that flaming wreckage that can be life.

So I dedicate to her:

~When all is doom and gloom,

And calm before the storm,

Before the green can be seen,

and when all seems forlorn,

It’s you who are my sunshine,

The blue, the sun, the stars,

It’s you who has helped shape me,

And I who make us who we are.

My daor amháin, my dear one,

Yes a blessing be this is,

A Muirnigh you are mine,

A smile that ever gives~

Best Friends by guerrilla nerd

Peace, smiles and superpowers!
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