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Word Nerd : Mycology

Mycology is a truly fascinating field of study and interest. While I am nowhere near well-versed enough to even consider myself an amateur mycologist, I do thoroughly enjoy discovering and stumbling upon various mushrooms as I ramble about outside. As a child I was very aware of how toadstools and mushrooms were linked with the… Continue reading Word Nerd : Mycology

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Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

I just wanted to share a Merry bit of delight on this day on Wonder that is Christmas Eve Night! With that in mind a few verses I'll share with images as vintage as they are, but they show little wear! To Thee and Thine from Me and Mine Merry, Merry Holiday's and Here's to… Continue reading Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

Images, Musings and Mutterings

Holiday Whimsy ~ A Picture Post

The holiday's are in full swing, with joy and laughter and every good thing. Peaceful tidings ring about as carolers sing and merry wishes greet all with a gleam. I am delighted to share my part in this all, with the whimsical imagery that this entry will show... I hope this little bit of Holly… Continue reading Holiday Whimsy ~ A Picture Post