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Affirmation Mondays 303 ~ It’s okay if you only show up for yourself today

It's okay if you only show up for yourself today Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 303 via LaWhimsy“It’s okay if you only show up for yourself today.” ~ Ella Patrice

Some days you can’t show up for everyone and that’s fine…

“It’s okay if you only show up for yourself today.”

It’s been a rough go of things for me these past few weeks. Not for any particular reason, per say, just a lot of little things that piled up and began to tear at me. Some days it was all I could do to simply get through the “must do” motions.

And you know what? It was okay if that was all I could do. I just keep telling myself to be gentle with me and to just keep putting one foot softly in front of the other. I would ask myself what I needed and then I would do what I could to show up for me and provide it. If I couldn’t do that, I would ask for help.

As I began to sort though what was dragging me down, I began to take stock of a few things. First up was my mental hygiene which had taken a few hits. I decided to go on a news fast since it had begun to several affect me and I unsubscribed from a bunch of newsletters and activism e-mails. I kept the ones I truly believe in and admire but I let go of the rest. If they are something I need to take part in again I will re-find them. I also purged my social media and am curbing my time with it since it was no longer sparking joy, fulfillment or inspiration for me.

Then I took stock of my physical space and I got several projects written up into a doable list (and even managed to tackle a few of the simpler ones). Just doing a few little things that seemed overwhelming in my head helped a great deal. I also took time away from here because this is something I do for the joy of it and it just wasn’t feeling good to me.

By choosing to show up for just myself, I was able to shift my mindset into a much lighter, happier one. Sure, it didn’t happen overnight, but I got (and am still getting) there. It’s so important that we each take time to show up for ourselves every single day. And it really is okay if you can only show up for yourself sometimes. Yes, others may need you or rely on you, but you have to put you first before you can tend to anyone else.

It’s time to normalize choosing yourself and choosing yourself first. This doesn’t have to mean you choose yourself exclusively, but it does mean that you make sure you are taken care of in the ways you need to be taken care of. It also means that sometimes others have to wait or have to accept being second for a bit.

The more you practice doing this for yourself, the more you’ll begin to give space to others too. It’s not selfish to make sure your needs are met nor is it selfish to show up for yourself. It only crosses that line when you never think of others or when your compassion and gentleness stop at you. The kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you can be to others.

It’s okay if you only show up for yourself today, because by doing so you are ensuring that you can show up for yourself and others too at another time.

Namaste ~ Ella

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