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Affirmation Mondays 302 ~ You will be okay without knowing everything

You will be okay without knowing everything Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 302 via LaWhimsy“You will be okay without knowing everything.” ~ Ella Patrice

Overthinking is overrated…

“You will be okay without knowing everything.”

It really is the truth, you know, that overthinking is overrated. Of course, as a habitual overthinker this does fall into the easier said than applied category.
When I do pause for a moment and think about it (pun not intended, lol), the sheer idea of not overthinking, of simply letting go and going with the flow of whatever may be happening, sounds rather nice. To embrace not knowing and maybe never knowing some things and simply feeling that I’ll be okay no matter what sounds blissful.
To rest and not resist. To be present with what’s going on, not trying to stay a step, or several, ahead. To simply exist in a relaxed and calmer state of mind. To just breathe. Why do these things seem like they are out of reach, not meant for “me”?
Who actually decided that the best way to live is in a state of constant thinking, worrying, planning, plotting, or worst yet, paranoia? When we exist in a state of overthinking, we are actually living in a state of placing ourselves and our values in the judgement of others.
Seriously, most overthinking has to do with how we are perceived by others. I know I tend to overthink because I don’t want to “fail” or be found lacking for whatever reason. If I believe in me and value what I do and how I do it, then even if I “fail” it’s not really failure. It’s simply a way that doesn’t work for me. No need to overthink.
The same goes for so much else. For example, I can overthink every single interaction I have, but why? I can and will be okay without knowing how the other person (or people) perceived me. If I feel good about bringing my energies around others, well, that’s all that’s needed. Besides, nine times out of ten they are overthinking their part in it and they don’t need too ’cause I’m never one to judge!
Overthinking can be a difficult pattern to break but it’s worth the effort. You will be okay without knowing everything and in many ways you’ll actually flourish the more you surrender to going with the flow and engaging with the right now instead of overthinking. Give it a try and just know you’ll be okay!

Namaste ~ Ella

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