jargogle in mind art collage by lawhimsy
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Word Nerd : Jargogle

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jargogle word nerd via lawhimsyJargogle, now this is a sprightly, obscure and delightful word to use to describe a complete muddle of things! I think we’ve all jargogled our words or have had or minds be in a state of jargogled confusion. Jargogle it’s self sounds almost like a jumbled word, since it seems to made up of the terms jargon and garbled. Garbled jargon – what a way to remember jargogle!

jargogle in mind art collage by lawhimsyJargogle in Mind by lawhimsyon Polyvore

Mind all a muddle, mixed-up, confused. Words tumble forth, befuddled, bemused. Jargogled in action, thought and emotion ~ jumbled together they become fused…

May your day, and mind, be jargogle free!
Namaste ~ Ella

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