A Week of Wonderful

A Week of Wonderful Brigitte BardotOne of the latest marketing campaigns I’ve heard is that the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a “Week of Wonderful” (thank you Macy’s…I think). Sure, the idea is that it’s supposed to be a week filled with sale bargains and the perfect time to score all those gifts you didn’t get over the holidays – for yourself and others. I, however, prefer to think of it as a true Week of Wonderful – as in a week filled with sweet delights of the home, hearth and heart kind. A time of reflection on the past year, thoughts and exciting ideas for the new year and a time to spend relaxing with family, friends, furry buddies and whatnot.

AE Sweater GifOf course, I’ve been browsing a few sales (mostly on-line…hello ModCloth, AE/Aerie, Ruche, etc – what, I’m only human, hehehe), but for the most part I’ve been quite content staying in and hanging out with my favorite gal and my fur babies, cleaning up decorations (and re-decorating with other lovely things), perusing my new books, listening to new music, watching old movies and shows, baking (I swear I can never do too much baking!) and just generally having and enjoying a week of wonderful!

Enjoy the Little Things by LaWhimsy

I hope you are enjoying your week of wonderful ~ See you in the new year!

Namaste ~ Ella