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Word Nerd : Noetic

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noetic-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyNoetic is one of those words I happened upon quite by accident and promptly fell in love with how the word looked and sounded. It’s meaning is one I also happen to like since I do enjoy engaging and challenging my mental capacities. To me, noetic describes everything the mind is capable of creating and that is a limitless prospect filled with hope, discovery and excitement. Daydreams are noetic in their very nature since they originate in the mind and are considered a mental activity (though I think one could happily argue that they are very much a spirit/soul activity too). So too, creativity and art can be noetic as one challenges themselves to seek out and engage their intellect as they perform and give life to their creative urges and desires. Noetic can also go even deeper as one gets into the intellectual and philosophical aspects of the mind and it’s perceptions and workings. There is also something poetic about the noetic…and no, it’s not just because they rhythm so well, tee-hee!


A whimsical and noetic Wednesday to you all!

Namaste ~ Ella

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4 thoughts on “Word Nerd : Noetic”

  1. This word always reminds me of my Theology degree! It’s a gorgeous one 🙂 And that Marie Antoinette freebie?! SO CUTE!! Getting one!! xxxx

    1. It really is! I’m so glad you’re getting one of the Marie Antoinette freebies ~ I’m going to be making mine very soon! 🙂

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