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CRUSH is Awesome

CRUSH StationaryAnd this is so why! I am so blown away by their utter kindness and just plain awesomeness! I fell deeply, madly in love with their totally excellent freebie of Marie Antoinette and her handsome headsman (check it out here – and get one for yourself!) and I am practically salivating at the thought of being able to print her out on fabric and sew her up. I made a comment about how terrific it is and CRUSH very kindly offered me a surprise and this absolutely darling stationary is the best surprise gift a gal could ever ask for!  I wanted so badly to print out one and write a thank you note  to CRUSH to put up here, however the best laid plans often go awry… My printer just stopped working. I mean DEAD. beep. beep. beep. beeeeeeeeeeep. silence. A lump of plastic, computer chips and paper. So, I did what anyone in my place would. I made do…okay, so I swore a wee bit and there may or may not have been tears involved (so I had to re-do my eye make-up…ahem).


So after I calmed down, I made this and I mean it to pieces. CRUSH you are a gem and I think everyone should totally go and check out their superb website & their ace FaceBook Page.  Go! Do it now! You won’t be sorry you do so!

Namaste ~ Ella

BTW ~ I will so be doing a post all about the Marie Antoinette and her handsome headsman dolls as soon as I can figure the whole printer thing out!

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