Aestival word nerd Herbert Matter, photomontage for Harper’s Bazaar, June 1940. via lawhimsy
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Word Nerd : Aestival or Estival

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsy

aestival-or-estival-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyThe 21st of June is the official start of the Summer season in the Eastern Hemisphere and what better way to mark it then by discovering the word Aestival? It states in it’s very definition that aestival is something that belongs to or occurs in Summer. Using aestival (or estival, if one prefers – either choice is tres’ chic if you ask me…what’s that, you didn’t? Oh well, tee-hee!) to describe all of  those unique summer enchantments, like outdoor festivals, sun-dried cloths, beach visits, fresh produce, etc.

Aestival word nerd Herbert Matter, photomontage for Harper’s Bazaar, June 1940. via lawhimsyWhile Summer is not my favorite season, I do enjoy the aestival blue skies that are filled with sunshine and the lazy, hazy aestival afternoons that faded oh, so slowly into warm evenings. There’s also the promise of romance ~ the kind that matches the languid, sensual heat of all those aestival days and nights…alright, maybe I’ve read a few too many cheesy vintage romances, but isn’t that a perfectly aestival sort of pastime?!

Aestival Dreams Collage via lawhimsyHow sweetly fade the aestival days in a heat exhausted blur…

What sort of fanciful aestival activities do you enjoy?

Namaste ~ Ella

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