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Word Nerd : Pizzazz

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pizzazz-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyWhat better way to end the year than with a bit of pizzazz! The usage of pizzazz originated in the 1910’s (originally meaning expert – go figure) and as the 1920’s gave way to the 1930’s the word went from meaning style to being full of style and zest. Now, pizzazz is more than just a quality – it’s a state of mind and being – and we have Diana Vreeland to thank for it!

the-pizzazz-of-diana-vreeland-via-lawhimsyPizazz, to quote the editor of the Harvard Lampoon, is an indefinable dynamic quality, the je ne sais quoi of function; as for instance, adding Scotch puts pizazz in a drink.” – from Harper’s Bazaar in 1937 the year Diana Vreeland became editor.

In 1957 “Funny Face”  it’s Maggie Prescott’s favorite word (The character was a delightful satirization of Diana Vreeland) and let me tell you, that woman is pure Pizzazz (Kay Thompson, the actress who played Maggie Prescott, was also beyond awesome and all that and then some) ~ now “Think Pink”!

Here’s to living live with zeal and pizzazz!!!

Namaste ~ Ella

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