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Affirmation Mondays 339 ~ Ask Yourself, Does this support the love that I desire?

Ask Yourself ~ Does this support the love that I desire Ella Patrice quote Affirmation Mondays 339 via LaWhimsy“Ask Yourself, Does this support the love that I desire?” ~ Ella Patrice

Life is all about love…

“Ask Yourself, Does this support the love that I desire?”

Love. In so many ways love is the be all, end all of life. To love and be loved, the greatest of accomplishments, the dearest of desires.

Of course, society as a whole, has all of us believing in very limited, very specific forms of love as the “best” or most “desirable”. This is laughable. Love has no set boundaries, no set “rules” or specifications. Love is actually undefinable in that it is limitless in it’s forms.

Love shows it’s self in so many ways, with endless variables and indefatigable resources. Love is an ever replenishing resource that simply grows and grows as it is fed.

With this in mind, I have taken to asking myself on the regular if what I am doing, or about to do or say supports the love that I desire in life. If it does not, I simply do not do it. I also take the time to ask myself why it does not and why I was so inclined to do said thing.

Often it is for small things, like adding a comment here or there or indulging in something less than ideal for myself. If it’s an unnecessary comment that adds nothing but judgement or questionable gossip, I stay my voice since such things never leave me feeling good in the long (or hell, even short) run. If it’s something like skipping a workout, I ask myself why and if it would be worth pushing through – if it’s not I skip, if it is then I do.

By asking this simple question I not only get more in touch and tune with my own whys, I cultivate the kind of love that I want to flourish in my self and in my life. And the more I do that, the more that love leaves me feeling fulfilled and rich with gratitude and peace.

It’s these little questions, these little moments of pausing and connecting to yourself, that ultimately create the changes that provide the kind of love you desire, the kind of life you want to be leading. You are your greatest source of love, your greatest resource of power, but you can only tap into it if you actively choose to do so. This lovely question is one of the ways to do just that. Will you try it?

Namaste ~ Ella

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