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Affirmation Mondays 313 ~ If You are Reading This, I Hope Something Wonderful Happens for You Today…

If you are reading this I hope something wonderful happens for you today. Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 313 via LaWhimsy“If you are reading this, I hope something wonderful happens for you today.” ~ Ella Patrice

Some days need an extra dose of gentleness…

If you are reading this, I hope something wonderful happens for you today.

Simply, soft, loving words for a simple, soft, loving kind of day.

I hope that for you, something wonderful happens each day. Little things and big things and all kinds of things in between. I hope that wonder and joy and love and softness surround you and fill your life up.

I hope these same things for myself.

Some days it’s easy to see the overabundance of delight that life holds. The opportunities to smile, to relax, to ease up and to relish. Other days it’s so much harder, even down-right impossible feeling, and yet those days are no different in the riches they hold, the wonderful things they have for me to experience. It’s me that is different.

And that’s okay.

When I catch myself sinking and wallowing, I do my best to find out if it’s what I truly need to be doing and feeling, and I remind myself that I can also acknowledge the lovely things too. I can both cry miserably and think the sunset is gorgeous. I can pout and despair and still laugh when my dog acts sweetly silly. I am a multitude of things, of emotions and experiences, and I can feel it all ebbing and flowing.

I can be overwhelmed easily by these feelings, but I’m learning (oh, so slowly), that it’s okay and I don’t have to let it control me. I simply have to acknowledge myself and not judge, just let be with love and kindness.

For this reason, I share this simple wish with you today – If you are reading this, I hope something wonderful happens for you today. I hope it for you for every single day. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Be loving to yourself. And may something wonderful happen for you today.

Namaste ~ Ella

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