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Affirmation Mondays 304 ~ Choose hope Choose joy Choose Love

Choose Hope Choose Joy Choose Love Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 304 via LaWhimsy“Choose hope. Choose joy. Choose love.” ~ Ella Patrice

There is always a choice…

“Choose hope. Choose joy. Choose love.”

Life is all about choices. It’s all about making decisions and taking (or not taking) action. With this in mind, think to the last choice you had. What was your prevailing attitude when you made it? Was it more pessimistic or optimistic and why was it so?

Odds are fairly good that you went more to the side of pessimism, whether you realized it or not. As a society on the whole we tend to lean towards the negative, the bleak.

Why, with so many choices, do we so often choose the pessimistic or negative? It’s actually rather ingrained in us. Just stop and look at the news – it’s all horrid and gloomy and dreary and somber in tone. Catastrophe after tragedy after disaster all just spinning in a hopeless dredgery of despair and greed. It’s truly awful.

On the other hand, when we actively begin to make different choices, a whole different view begins to open up. When we choose hope and joy and love we begin to be receptive to it all around us.

Yes, all of the calamities do still exist, but we also see the goodness that bubbles up from within it. Whenever a bad thing happens, a good things happens too. We see the best of us shine amidst the worst and the more we focus upon that, the brighter they shine.

By choosing hope and joy and love (and so many other wonderful things) we choose to move forward and not be dragged back by the swell of pessimistic havoc. It’s there to keep each of us small and scared – that’s it’s purpose.

But none of us are meant to be small and scared all the time, hell, not even most of the time. We are here to be powerful and amazing in our own unique ways. We begin to do this by choosing differently and by be active and aware in our choices.

Be bold and choose hope, choose joy and choose love starting right now, in whatever ways that means to you.

Namaste ~ Ella

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