Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 293 – Most people never heal, because they stay in their heads, replaying corrupted scenarios. Let it go.

Most people never heal, because they stay in their heads, replaying corrupted scenarios Let it go S Mcnutt quote Monday Mantra 293 via LaWhimsy“Most people never heal, because they stay in their heads, replaying corrupted scenarios. Let it go.~S. Mcnutt

We all want to heal, but to do so we must let go…

“Most people never heal, because they stay in their heads, replaying corrupted scenarios. Let it go.”

We are all constantly creating scenarios in our heads. From the most mundane to the craziest of schemes, we are continuously playing out a wide variety of situations and dialogues in minds. It’s simply a part of being human.

The issue with this, however, deals with when we create corrupted, exaggerated, often baseless scenarios and then allow our wounds to be triggered and fed by them. It’s this place that keeps us in a state of injury and pain and prevents healing.

It’s a place that can feel familiar and almost falsely soothing. By creating these corrupted scenarios we think we are proving our righteous upset. It’s a way to justify to ourselves (and perhaps to others) that our pain, our wound, is real and serious.

The thing is your pain doesn’t need to be justified – not to others and not to yourself. If you feel hurt, you feel hurt. If you feel angry, you feel angry. That’s okay and it can be exactly what it is – no need to create or expand upon a reason.

What needs to happen is healing. You feel bad and by addressing it and then letting it go, you can heal. That’s the key – you need to acknowledge and then let it go. Your pain, your hurt, your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility. The more you create corrupted scenarios, the more you live in your head, placing blame upon others and the longer you delay your healing.

By letting it go it doesn’t mean you are letting those who wounded you off the hook. It simply means you are no longer allowing them to have power over you. You are taking your power back and releasing any hold they may have. You are freeing yourself from your head and mending your wound.

It’s not exactly an easy task at first, I know this all too well. I am easily taken down that path of getting stuck in my head creating these awful, often corrupt, scenarios, that feed my upsets. But when I catch myself, and take a moment to truly address what’s happened, how I’m really feeling and why, I am more able to find ways to let it go and move on. It actually does feel so much better and I am happier and more alive because of that choice.

If your thoughts become actions, make them wonderful ones, not corrupted, painful ones. Don’t stay in your head, allowing made-up situations to dictate your life and actions (or in-actions). Let your self-feeding corrupted thinking go and let yourself heal and live. You’ll never be sorry that you did!

Namaste ~ Ella

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~ The included link is Digging Deeper via Garden Party by Sophia Rose. It’s a great place to start learning more about dismantling white supremacy.








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