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Affirmation Mondays 267 – Grow through what you go through

Grow through what you go through quote Monday Mantra 267 via LaWhimsyGrow through what you go through.” ~ Unknown

Life of late has been an odd mix of free-floating spaciness and heavy weights…

“Grow through what you go through.”

April was such a bizarre month. It was both incredibly draggy and long and blink and you miss it fast. I swear March was only just ending and yet here it is, the first Monday in May! I’ve lost weeks yet felt the impact of each day, just as I’ve lost hours yet been acutely aware of minutes.

This shelter-in-place version of quarantine has up-ended so much. At first I didn’t think I’d feel too much of an impact from it since I work from home but was I ever wrong. Since I am highly sensitive, I have felt so much and so strongly. And it’s sucked me dry.

It hasn’t helped that this whole thing hit at such a bad time for me. I was feeling the winter blues and I got sick – and more sick than I have been in several years. By the time I was feeling better the world had literally changed and not only had my birthday passed by, Spring was beginning to bud and April had begun.

I started April out with the very best of intentions to get centered and re-discover a sense of routine, but by the second week I was still so floaty and lost and yes, I began to wallow in my own upsets (it really can be one of my worst quirks). It’s a slippery, dangerous route to take and I could feel myself falling into a rather terrible place. That was when I recalled this lovely quote and I knew I had a decision to make.

I could either grow through what I was going through or I could succumb to it.

While I did lean a bit more towards succumbing (for completely unfathomable reasons – you know how it is when you are in it and just sorta dig your heels in, right?), there was a knowing deep, deep within that knew that choosing to grow was the way to go.

There is a certain beauty to the fact that it is Spring right now (in the Northern Hemisphere) and though we are still stuck in place for now, that doesn’t mean we can’t grow. Every single thing that grows starts off small and goes from there, so why not us too? Why not use this time to really take a look at your life and see it for what it is – the good, the bad, the ugly. Maybe reassess and see what can shift, what can change, what can be let go and what can be improved upon.

We each of us can plant the seeds and ideas and first steps right now so that when things begin to open up again we can emerge anew, refreshed, and recharged. By finding the ways to grow through what we are going through we can make this time be a blessing and a way to make life better.

I’m doing my best, even if that means just taking it day by day, hour by hour. I’ll grow through this and I hope you will too!

Namaste ~ Ella

~ I’ll be doing my best to share a bit more here and on my Instagram to help bolster and cheer up these days of social distancing and weirdness. Please feel free to contact me if you need an ear or a connection or just because ~ We’ll get through this together!

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