Gratitude and kindness cultivate miracles Ella of LaWhimsy quote Monday Mantra 180 via LaWhimsy
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Monday Mantra 180 – Gratitude and kindness cultivate miracles

Gratitude and kindness cultivate miracles Ella of LaWhimsy quote Monday Mantra 180 via LaWhimsyGratitude and kindness cultivate miracles.” ~ Ella of LaWhimsy

Gratitude and thankfulness are in full focus at this time of year. Reminders to pause and be grateful for all that you have, those that love you are all around. Counting your blessings and being contented with all that there is, big and small, seems easy to do. It’s truly wonderful. and it’s something that can be done year-round.

“Gratitude and kindness cultivate miracles.”

Did you know that when one feels and expresses gratitude and kindness that those feelings and sentiments tend to multiply? That the good nature and gentle joys that arise from having a gracious attitude are infectious? It’s true, and while I’m sure that there are scientific studies that undoubtedly prove this, I’m going by what I’ve observed and felt. Once you start to actively live with a thankful and gracious heart you’ll find yourself almost addicted to how indulgent it feels. It’s simply incredible.

To show kindness and compassion to yourself when you stumble is showing gratitude for a chance to learn and grow. To have a soft, kind heart that believes that everyone you encounter is doing their best despite mistakes is such a wondrous thing. It eases the unnecessary burdens of flaws and judgements, both for yourself and others. If you embrace kindness and gratitude you won’t find yourself lacking, simply learning. Isn’t that a wonderful freedom?

To feel gratitude for every moment and experience adds a richness and depth to life. Think about it, if every thing you do, good, bad, indifferent, is something to be grateful for, doesn’t that make each experience a little more intricate, a bit more amazing for you? I certainly think it does! To take each moment that you notice and realize that it’s yours to savor and feel is almost thrilling. Your life is not something to just meh your way through. It’s something to marvel and experience.

Once you start to do this, to cultivate a sense of gratitude and kindness, you’ll notice that your life has become filled with miracles. It’s because you have cultivated a life that accepts that while difficult things may happen, goodness will prevail. This Thanksgiving pause and promise yourself that you’ll be kind to yourself.  That you’ll be gracious to yourself. That you’ll give thanks to all you’ve done, all you’ve learned, and all that will come. Forgive yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself. And let your life filled with wonder, miracles, and kindness take over. You Are Worth It!

Namaste ~ Ella

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